Software Development

Our progressive approach to digital transformation and software is driven by innovation and optimization, confirming improved operational efficiencies and high revenue growth using the up-to-date advancements in technology to keep your business at the cutting edge.

Customized and built from the ground-up by our experts, this end-to-end personalized development result is suitable for any business who is considering transforming system and process productivity. 

Through collaborative tactics, our software developers work with you every step of the way to help accomplish your specific business goals.

When it comes to custom software development, Zifala relies on Agile practices to effectively succeed workflow difficulties and meet strict deadlines. We will adapt our procedures to your detailed requirements and build a fully modified solution for you. If you need an engineering partner who speaks your language, understands your needs and expectations, and always aims at bringing added value to your business, then our company is the right choice to successfully outsource your small, medium, or large software engineering projects.

Cloud Infrastructure Development

Zifala Infrastructure & Cloud Management Services adjust your costs and surge the efficiency of your IT infrastructure by using innovations and importance on high-quality service design.

The Areas we Offer:

Cloud Platform (Unlike many of our companies- we are not only planning to become a cloud reseller. We will invest comprehensively in our own VMware power-driven cloud infrastructure which will sit on our resilient network of our data centers- which will put us in complete control.

Cloud Backup (Our cloud backups take regular snapshots of your entire device, whether that be laptop, desktop, server, or virtualized situations, before storing the data in one of our data centers. This snapshot enables individual files to be retrieved quickly in the event of on-site data loss, minimizing business downtime)

Cloud Recovery (Maintain business continuity and minimize data loss whilst saving valuable budget and time with razorblue Cloud Recovery service. Should disaster strike, we can instantly retrieve your data from within the cloud.)


Infrastructure & Cloud Services Facts & Figures:

  • working experience
  • experts in ICT business
  • 24/7 Operations, On-Call Duty Support, Extended Business Hours

With our recognized experience in ICT operations, we deliver an exclusive set of Cloud & Infrastructure Management Services of high trustworthiness, truthfulness, and security with the following key differentiators:

Competence (We have high-level expertise in all key IT technology domains, which gives an ability to deliver complex managed IT services and infrastructure solutions.)

Flexibility (We actively practice custom solutions and delivery models in response to modern business needs, combining enterprise-level professional IT services with an individual approach to every single client.

Innovation (We always keep the focus on development for the future and deliver based on the latest technologies, adding our unique know-how on the top.


Quality (We precisely describe all IT Infrastructure service parameters and undertake the financial responsibility to perform these tasks. Infopulse takes care of employees’ professional level raise and motivation, while the customer always gets the services of the same high-quality level.

Information Security Service

Bringing down Business Risks and Safeguarding Confidentiality, Compliance, and Business Steadiness.

As an IT security services provider, Zifala offers a comprehensive range of cybersecurity solutions: from examining security issues to development of information security management systems, from cyber security monitoring to the implementation of real-time security intelligence, and maintaining composite information security systems. 

We provide exceptional protection of sensitive data, enhance risk management programs, and ensure business continuity for large enterprises and SMBs across Somalia. 

Complete Asset Protection

With our IT security management services, Zifala safeguards wide-ranging protection of your applications, products, and infrastructure against cyber threats, data leaks, thefts, or disasters. By reducing likely damages and given full control over privacy and compliance, all your shared data, business intelligence, and other assets can be managed securely without risks. Our services include:

IT Security Services & Solutions

  • Security Assessment
  • Penetration Testing
  • Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • Cloud Security
  • IT Infrastructure Protection
  • Secure Software Development Life Cycle (Secure SDLC)

Standards Compliance Manager – a software tool to enable organization’s compliance

Research and Development

At Zifala Technologies we are a research oriented Tech Company to evolve in today’s fast moving technologies.

Zifala will conduct social science related research to assess user experience in using their hardware or software through online survey questionnaires, interview end users / customers to solicit their wish list / brainstorm to generate new ideas on how to best develop hardware or software that can better transform their customers’ business processes etc.

Our R&D involves innovating to resolve a particular scientific or technological problem. Not only is this profitable for the company growth but also for the wider public and the economy as a whole.

Stay tune to be part of our coming and first R&D topics.

UX/UI Design

Powerful graphic & multimedia design that fascinates new customers and wins new business

With just the right balance of analysis and perception, we produce commercially effective creative work that’s iconic, scalable, high-quality and unforgettable – for businesses whether small, medium and large companies.

What we do:


Logo Designs

Brochure Design

Graphic Design


Websites Designs

Digital Marketing



Motion Graphics


Photography and 

AR/VR Services

AI & Machine Learning Solutions

Today Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the most accelerators of every aspect of a business, from Chatbots being set up to help businesses to AI-driven platforms being bound to automate sales processes. 

We are aiming to heavily focus the investment for AI and ML in Somalia to make intelligent machines, self-reliant, and far more imaginative than people ever thought they could be. It is also an area which is ignored by the cig companies who operate with internet and technology such as telecommunications, banks and even hospitals to help understand disease patterns that our society has that is continuously developing at breakneck speed. 

AI will drive a big change across businesses that moves beyond smart IT and process automation.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms will help you process unutilized or non-utilized data, identifying the trends, which would not be possible to a human being – and then make decisions to meet specific objectives. 

The competitive advantage of machine learning holds the key to increase the business in attaining new heights.

Zifala Systems will have forefront in performing advanced machine learning-driven solutions for various verticals and sectors that are working a crucial role in various aspects of the business rule. Our platforms will focus on producing efficiently using the best algorithms bundled with excellent data mining techniques that make the business process run efficiently.

Some of The Areas Where Zifala Systems will Offers includes:

Data normalization and cleansing

Compression Techniques

Smart Security

Prediction and Forecasting Techniques

It Consultancy

No matter what your business needs to grow: technology, expert advice or even help moving offices, we can help make your ambitions a reality.

Tech is second nature to us, but we’re also experts in applying it to specific industry sectors, too.

So, don’t limit your organization’s potential. Use our expertise to promote growth and achieve your ambitions.

Before we make any recommendations, we’ll sit down with you to find out more about your business and ask the right questions to get an initial picture of your aims and the IT tools you currently use.

These will make a positive step-change for your business in terms of cost-efficiency and productivity.

Our in-depth audit will include an assessment of the following elements of your IT infrastructure:

  • Network
  • System
  • Security
  • Hardware
  • Business continuity provision / Disaster Recovery

These will be mapped against your business aspirations in order to provide a clear picture of the most suitable IT strategy for your business needs.

Our commitment to providing IT solutions that work within your business strategy is what makes Leading Edge completely unique as an IT services provider. Our dedicated team will work with you one-on-one to thoroughly highlight any inconsistencies we find between your IT tools, systems and processes, and devise the right strategy to help you achieve your business aims.

Once we have mapped out your entire IT infrastructure and identified key areas of development and technological advancement, we can provide the services and solutions that are the best fit for your organization.